The law firm specializes in civil, family, criminal and administrative litigation and complex legal services for commercial companies and other business entities. It also provides services for legal representation before courts and administrative bodies of state offices, both for individuals and for businesses.
Years of experience in providing legal services for companies from different sectors and industries, including the energy sector, media sector, medical sector, food sector, ICT industry, building industry, and trade and services sector, allows the firm to offer legal advice which covers all matters related to the functioning of businesses, ranging from preparing documents of incorporation to documents relating to company transformations, preparation of divestments of shares, participation in negotiations, preparation of internal legislation, preparation of legal opinions, drafting and reviewing contracts, legal assistance in proceedings under public procurement law and administrative proceedings, handling employment cases, litigation and enforcement.
The firm provides consulting services relating to disclosure obligations of issuers and legal auditing, as well as the preparation of legal analyses. In the latter respect, we have experience in advising the Ministry of the Treasury and local government units.
In connection with current work, the firm’s team members have participated in the restructuring processes of large business entities and the negotiation of internal regulations with employees and trade unions.
The firm also deals with the regulation of property matters, including the legal status of properties and the legal preparation of investments. In addition, we have extensive experience in matters relating to the conduct of proceedings pertaining to the limitation of property rights, the abolition of ownership, claims arising from property rights, including claims for compensation for the unauthorised use of a property.
The firm’s team members combine professional qualifications with the ability to rapidly assess the legal position of their clients and identify the most appropriate legal path to fulfill their needs.